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Press release: Avantium to open pilot biorefinery

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Publication Q4 2017: The Digest?s 2017 Guide to the 20 Top European biorefinery projects

Publication in Be Sustainable magazine Q4 2017

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Publication in Biofuels International Issue 1 Volume 12 2018; Bioforever: Enabling commercial scale biorefineries

Bioforever publication on pag 18

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Publication in Biofuels International, Vol. 12 (1), (2020), 18

Article title:  Building a Ligno-cellulosic Future: Enabling Commercial Scale Biorefineries in Europe (see page 18)

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Publication in Bioresource Technology Reports, Vol. 5 (2019), 220-229

Article title: Fast Screening of Optimal Acid-Pretreatment Conditions in the Conversion of Wood to Ligno-cellulosic Sugars 

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Publication in Bioresource Technology Reports, Vol. 9 (2020), 100361

Article title: Scale-up of Optimal Mild-acid Pretreatment Conditions in the Production and Application of Ligno-cellulosic Sugars from Wood 

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Publication in Bioresource Technology, Vol. 300 (2020), 122652

Article title: Sulfurdioxide-Ethanol-Water Fractionation Platform for Conversion of Recycled Wood to Sugars,Lignin and Lignosulfonates 

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Valorisation chimique du bois: Bioforever explore de nouvelles voies

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Video about new Avantium Biorefinery pilot plant

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