WP 3 - Pre-treatment testing, customization and down-stream processes


lab activitiesEstablishment and demonstration of protocols for selected feedstock-pre-treatment-end-product combinations based on the BALI, AVAP, mild acid pre-treatment as well as strong acid ZAMBEZI pre-treatments and different types of LC feedstocks from WP 2 up to bench scale.



The activities can be divided into:

  • To harmonize and implement analytical methods for LignoCellulosic (LC) feedstock and fraction analysis with special emphasis on analyses for
    • lignin(-sulphonates) and sugars,
    • humins arising from specific feedstock-pre-treatment-hydrolysis combinations as well as formed in dehydration reactions
  • To optimize pre-treatment processes for BALI, AVAP and mild and concentrated acid pre-treatments for the different applications
  • To optimize separation and hydrolysis processes because it is known that some LC feedstock ? pre-treatment combinations need upgrading of fractions based on identified specification needs
  • To demonstrate on bench scale an optimal combined pre-treatment and purification process for the different applications
  • To set up pre-treatment and purification protocols for production of lignin(-sulphonate), hemicellulose sugars and cellulose/glucose, taking into account user requirements from other WP?s