WP 4 - Product conversion, testing and valorisation of side-streams


To identify routes for valorisation of the side-streams from the different pretreatments and validate the performance of the end-products. 


In WP 4 sugar hydrolysates from the different pretreatment processes in WP3 will be converted to bio-chemicals by fermentation and catalysis. Sidestreams from the different pretreatments e.g. hemicellulose, lignin will be processed and evaluated in a range of applications. The minimum specifications for the lignosulfonates, hemi-sugars, cellulosic sugars and humins produced in WP3 will be established, also considering issues as carry over of impurities during purification of the biochemicals. Further, the aim is to validate the performance of the conversion processes towards end-products on bench- and demo-scale and to identify and validate a number of new commercially viable applications for lignosulfonates, humins, nanocellulose and specialty sugars.