WP 5 - Demonstration of lignocellulosic value chains on pre-industrial scale


Demonstration of the whole value chain from crude feedstock up to final product for 5 different products beyond lab-scale (pilot/pre-industrial scale).


The process concepts to be tested will be based on the most optimal feedstock - pretreatment combinations as developed in the previous work packages. The anticipated scale will be beyond the multiple kg level depending on the available equipment within the consortium. This experimental phase will deliver the required data to perform an economic analysis of the whole lignocellulosic value chain. Besides, this  work will make a blueprint for a full-scale factory possible. The following final products are aimed for to be produced on pilot/pre-industrial scale:

  • Carbon binders
  • Specialty sugars like mannose and xylose
  • Butanol and acetone
  • Resin acids
  • Hydrolytic enzyme cocktail
  • FDCA

Separately, also combustion tests of co-produced crude lignin are included in this program.

Borregaard's BALI? biorefinery demo plant, Photo: Martin Lersch
Borregaard's BALI? biorefinery demo plant, Photo: Martin Lersch