WP 6 - Process evaluation & blueprints for commercial scale plants


To provide a techno-economic evaluation and life cycle analysis (LCA) of the value chains demonstrated within WP 2 to 5 and develop at least one conceptual engineering package for a commercial scale plant.


An initial high level cost estimate and footprint analysis of the LC feedstock derived sugar source based on the bench scale experiments will provide guidance in optimizing the set-up for the demonstration scale experiments. Based on the results of the initial bench scale and demonstration scale experiments, a final techno-economical evaluation and LCA is made, including more details on production costs and process efficiencies.

These evaluations facilitate the development of the value chains into a commercial scale plant design: 

  • process step validation,
  • value chain optimization,
  • scale-up.

Besides delivering the typical content of a conceptual design, WP6 also addresses all issues related to implementation of the value chain on commercial scale, such as feedstock availability, site selection, etc..
The final engineering package (and all associated documentation) shall be input for the WP 7 activities.