WP 7 - External communication, dissemination, exploitation and preparation of a commercial scale plant


Coordinate the external  communication and dissemination of project results and exploit options for implementation of a commercial scale plant.



The activities in this workpackage focus on the communication about the BIOFOREVER project, dissemination of project results and the commercial exploitation of these results.

A specific objective of the communication activities is creating public awareness about the benefits of using woody biomass, crop residues or energy crops for the production of chemicals and fuels. In order to address this objective properly, a market study will be done to assess whether consumers want products made from these feedstocks. Also the question will be addressed whether they are willing to pay more for them than for existing products that have been produced from coal, gas or oil.

Projects results will be shared with stakeholders, using this website, by publications, participation in conferences and dedicated meetings. A stakeholder assessment will be done and used to prepare a dissemination plan.

Commercial exploitation activities will include activities as described in WP 6. They focus on

  • the set-up of several commercial scale plants
  • technology licensing
  • follow-up projects based on the conceptual engineering packages delivered by the BIOFOREVER project.

factoryIn this context a number of key success factors for a commercial scale bio-refinery will be addressed, including:

  • the sourcing of ligno-cellulosic feedstock; securing long term supply of large quantities of sustainable biomass at competitive prices is a main challenge;
  • market development for cellulosic sugars and other bio-refinery products; it is BIOFOREVER's ambition to have Letter of Intents in place for at least 70% of the output of a commercial scale bio-refinery;
  • consortium building to support the next phase of the commercialization of a bio-refinery. Basic engineering of a large scale bio-refinery will require tens of millions euros and parties that are willing to spend substantial amounts have to be identified.
  • financing opportunities to support an investment in a large scale bio-refinery.